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Lucky Tree in Thailand – Mayom (Star Gooseberry)


Lucky Tree for The Thai People – Mayom (????????????) (Star Gooseberry) – Buriram Province

There are many types of lucky tree in Thailand and Thai people believe that a Mayom tree (Star Gooseberry) planted in front of the house will bring fame and success. The tree is commonly cultivated in garden areas and around villages. It is also a Thai traditional belief that if one plants a tree or plant during the new year that it will bring luck, good success and prosperity to themselves and their families. The Ka Nune plant (Jack Fruit tree) is usually planted at the back of the house will mean less obstacles through life and promote good business. Mayom branches are used by monks who dip it in the consecrated water and sprinkle it on persons or places as a sort of ritual purification.


Mayom (????????????) (Star Gooseberry)- Fruits

Star Gooseberry tree (Mayom in Thai) is common in the Pacific islands, SE Asia, and in India in home gardens. The evergreen tree has long been naturalised in Thailand growing up to nine meters with yellowish green berries in the form of a star, and with the scientific name Phyllanthus acidus (Euphorbiaceae) and has flowers in long clusters. The tree grows well on most soil types, thriving even on quite alkaline soil, but likes moisture. Good cropping starts in four years from seed. The fruits are very acidic and my Malay neighbour used to preserved the fruits in syrup. Nowadays, you can find sweet varieties available in the market. It is also cultivated for its medicinal properties including the treatment of fevers accompanied by a skin disease, e.g. the measles.


Preserved Mayom (Star Gooseberry)

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