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Bloom Your Luck with Mandi Bunga (Floral Bath) Cleansing Ritual at Wat Phakor Suwanaram Temple ( Songkhla, Thailand)

Mandi Bunga (Floral Bath) Cleansing Ritual at Wat Phakor Suwanaram Temple ( Songkhla, Thailand)

If you want to get rid off of your bad luck in life and attract success? Visit Wat Phakor Suwanaram Temple for a Mandi Bunga (Floral Bath) cleansing ritual today located in Namom district, Songkhla province. Founded by the late Luang Poo Thong more than 30 years ago, the southern temple is extremely popular with Malaysians and Singaporeans.

A bucket of holy water containg flower petals and kaffir lime (Manti Bunga ritual, Thailand)

The Mandi Bunga (Floral Bath) is a traditional cleansing ritual practiced to ward off evil and illness and to bring good fortune and luck by the Malays, Chinese and Indians in Malaysia. Besides flowers, Kaffir Lime (Limau Purut) and pomelo (Som-O) leaves are commonly used ingredients in the mandi bunga ritual. The Malays and Indians believe that bathing with kaffir lime can dispel evil and bad luck. The fruit is cut and blended with plain water and flower petals and then bathe with as part of spiritual cleansing.

The undecomposed body of the late Luang Poo Thong (Wat Phakor Suwanaram Temple (Songkhla)

After his death in 2000, Luang Poo Thong’s body to this day remains undecomposed is encased in a glass coffin with no preservatives at the temple premises. Since Luang Poo Thong was a strict vegetarian, devotees are advised to offer fruits and vegetarian food only.

Many people who have seen the positive results after taking the floral bath (Mandi Bunga) come back for more and Wat Phakor Suwanaram is one of the most famous temples in Southern Thailand.

Note: Mandi refers to a traditional Indonesian or Malaysian way of bathing and Bunga refers to flowers

Devotees come as far as Malaysia and Singapore (Wat Phakor Suwanaram Temple, Songkhla)

Mandi Bunga (Floral Bath) service at Wat Phakor Suwanaram Temple(Songkhla):

200THB (S$8.11) per session

Time: 5.45am – 8.30pm

Contact Information:

Wat Phakor Suwanaram Temple
Amphoe Namom,Songkhla 90310, Thailand
Phone: 074-382395, 074-382140
Mobile: 081-609 2092, 087-2953656

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